Summer Camp


Photo (c) by Kate Cox

Summer Camp is Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, a band from London

New album ROMANTIC COMEDY out now on 12" vinyl, digital download, or streaming
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UK Live shows 2020:
10th April / WalesGoesPop / Cardiff / Tickets
28th May / The Lexington / London / SOLD OUT / w Irene and the Disappointments
11th November / MOTH Club / London / Tickets

Our new album Romantic Comedy is a companion piece to the film ROMANTIC COMEDY
directed by our singer Elizabeth Sankey, a personal documentary about romantic comedies.
Songs from and inspired by the movie, exploring the same themes.

See the trailer:

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Previous releases:

2010 Young EP
2011 Welcome to Condale LP
2012 Always EP
2013 Summer Camp LP
2014 Beyond Clueless OST LP
2015 Bad Love LP
2015 Christmas EP